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Anthill Comics: The Real Goodbye

Dear faithful clay readers,   I’m sure that you are all relieved that clay isn’t shutting down forever. (We got you good.) However, before you breathe a collective sigh of relief about Anthill Comics showing up in your TPS feed next year… I have some news to share. I am […]


The Drafts Box

Greetings from your writers at The Royal Mini-Guide, and welcome back for this month’s edition: The Drafts Box! We know the question that has been burning in each of your minds since reading our emotional roller coaster of an article last month (How to Say Farewell): is The Royal Mini-Guide […]


How to Say Farewell

Greetings from your team at The Royal Mini-Guide, and welcome back for our final release: How to Say Farewell. How does one deal with saying goodbye? We’ve been asked this question many a time– and we’re now having to ask it (and similar questions) ourselves: for a proper, royal goodbye, […]