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clay Magazine is an online magazine of commentary, news, essays, satire, interviews, cartoons, and discussion. Started over a decade ago as a monthly publication called The Cracked Pot, clay Magazine’s mission is to help the young authors, journalists, editors, and content creators of The Potter’s School to refine their skills, share their work with the community, and use their talents to glorify our Creator. clay Magazine publishes on each Monday of the month from September to May, and exciting new content from each column will be featured each week. We hope you will join our community and support our fantastic staff by visiting clay Magazine often.

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clay Public Relations Team Application 2023-24

Hello prospective staff!  Social media is critical in bringing the clay community to life. The PR team will be responsible for maintaining and posting new content to the social media accounts of clay (Instagram, Facebook, and the Forums). We’re looking for dedicated and creative individuals to do this. If you’re […]