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10 Tips for Writing Poetry

So many word-loving teenagers who could, with practice, become great poets give up in middle school because they believe writing poetry is just too hard.  From the myriad of poetic terms introduced in English classes—metaphor, pentameter, tyrannosaur—it truly appears so.  I fear so many writers are scared away from poetry […]

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Is Javert Really a Villain?

Disclaimer: The 2012 film “Les Miserables” is rated PG-13 due to suggestive material, violence, and thematic elements.  A timeless classic with thirty-four different adaptations, Les Miserables remains one of the most beloved musicals in the theater world (IMDb). The large, multigenerational cast of characters is quite nuanced with respect to […]

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Music and the Brain

Music possesses the power to play with one’s emotions. It relaxes, excites, grieves, delights, and even angers, but it can also benefit a person beyond facilitating changes in mood. In 1993, the scientific journal Nature published a study titled “Music and spatial task performance,” sparking a wave of enthusiasm directed […]