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Open Mic: A Collection of Art by Emma Chung

Disclaimer: The following pieces of art were replications of online tutorials.




Meet the Author

How old are you?
I’m fourteen.

Where do you live?
I live in China.

What classes are you taking with TPS this year?
English 3: Intrigue and Illusions with Mrs. Thomas, Health and Wellness with Mrs. Monfreda, and Chemistry (Honors) with Mr. Lang.

What is your favorite thing about painting?

Painting allows thoughts and feelings to manifest in a universal language: pictures. Regardless of what language they speak or if they read, people may exact messages and passion from a painting. Painting is also a simple way to show affection for those around you. I’ve painted birthday cards for my friends and families for two years now, and I love the personal touch that comes with crafting my own card instead of buying one.


  1. Oh my goodness these are so beautiful, Emma! Now I want one 😉

  2. To receive a card like that must be awesome.

  3. wow that’s so kool
    what type of watercolour paints do you use?