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clay Public Relations Team Application 2022-23

Hello prospective staff!

The PR team will be responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of clay (Instagram, Facebook, and the Forums). While the social media is directly tied to the magazine, posts will extend beyond current content. We have a vision to use social media to bring the clay community to life this year, and we’re looking for a group of creative individuals dedicated to doing this. If you’re interested in being a part of our PR team, please apply below. Applications are due on July 8, 2022. Have fun applying!

Dianna Pledger and Misa Stanton
2022-23 Senior Editors

PR Manager: This editor will be responsible for organizing the Public Relations team and editing their social media posts before they are published. While social media experience is highly recommended for this position, we are mainly looking for a creative individual who is dedicated to bringing awareness of clay to the broader TPS community. PR Managers will be working with designers, photographers, and writers to produce a cohesive image of clay

Content Creators: There will be several content managers this year. These content creators will each be assigned a day of the week to post photos and graphics provided by the PR photographers and graphic designers, create captions, and work together to create a well-developed and fluid feed. As the face of the clay feed, the content managers will be required to provide professional and engaging posts. 

Engagement Manager: Our engagement manager will commit to consistently liking and commenting on the clay social media photos, as well as using the clay accounts to engage with the community.

PR Photographers: Although it’s certainly helpful if all Public Relations content managers have photography and design experience, the PR team needs enthusiastic, experienced, full-time photographers. Our PR Photographers will provide content managers with photos for social media posts. They will each be required to provide about eight to twelve high-quality and TPS-approved photos per month for the content managers to use in their social media posts.

PR Graphic Designer: The PR Graphic Designer will be responsible for working with clay’s content creators and photographers to provide unique and custom graphics to be used in the clay’s social media feed. The PR Graphic Designer will provide a few graphics per month for the content creators.  Applicants for this position should submit four to six samples of relevant graphic design work in their application. The PR Graphic Designer will also help the Senior Editors host and judge the annual TPS T-shirt design competition. 

Student Submission Coordinator: The Student Submission Coordinator will be responsible for managing an email account dedicated to receiving guest work for the clay social media accounts. He or she will communicate with guest photographers, designers, and artists to feature their work on the clay social media accounts. We are looking for a Student Selection Coordinator eager to find and showcase new work and talent on the clay social media accounts.

Social media experience is recommended, but not required to apply for Public Relations. All team members will receive training before the beginning of the school year.

PR Manager applicants: Please edit and turn in the following piece as you would for a content creator.

The greatest invention ever!! Bluetooth!!!!!

A deafening amount of noises fills a hot, stuffy, musty, muggy, crowded, and uncomfortable office as most of the people work there are on a call talking off of reallyyy cool wireless head sets. They are using headsets without cords which is super duper awesome in my opinion. There is a lot of clicking (like a LOT :O) as other peopple are printing doucments off their coputer even though the printer is in a compltely difffferent room (isn’t that the coolest thing ever???). These wireless headsets and printers work becuz of a technology called… *drumroll* …….. Bluetooth!! The invention of Bluetooth has given people so many useful and convenient and awesome benefits that they use almost every day like the wireless headsets without cords and wire. 

Once upon a time in 1994 Bluetooth was invented by a Swedish telecommunication company called Ericsson they thought that cords and stuff that were used to communicate were really annoying and wanted to replace the clutter, of cords, that were used at the time to communicate between different devices, with a cooler less annoying wireless substitute. Other companies such as Nokia and Intel (Don’t these companies have such strange names?!?! I wonder what they mean… one of you should find out and let me know in the comments!) had also to plagarize the idea of connecting devices wirelssssly. Guys plz don’t plagarize that isn’t good! TPS will punish you for it. Two years later, five companies, Ericsson Nokia Intel Toshiba IBM, (Dont they realllllllly have such weirdly strange names?!?! got together and decided to form the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) which was officially established in 1998 because they realized that in order for them to be able to connect devices from different companies. Jesus says in John 13:34 that “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” The companies and people who formed the SIG followed Jesus’ commandment because they demonstrated love by making Bluetooth for all of us (love is an action, afterall.) They decided too collaborate because in order for Bluetooth to work with devices from different companies, it would have to be standardized in order for it to work with different brands of devices. SIG released Bluetooth 1.0 Specification was released an year later. By 2001, a mobile phone, a headset, a printer, and several other devices with Bluetooth came out!! Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”! The guys who made Bluetooth were super smart and big-brained and were able to create lots of devices for blueToooth so unlike Thomas they were able to get it to work. So Bluetooth needed to be created as a collabraatioive, shared,  project so LOTS AND LOTS different companies could use it. Its kind of like the same ideas you learned when youre a kid that sharing is caring kind of ;). In 2010, they started using Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0, which allowed Bluetooth to be low-energy which made it even better (And I mean a LOT better :)).The year before, SIG came out with Core Specification Version 3.0 HS. The Core Specification Version .30 HS made Bluetooth a high speed technology, (Isnt that the best thing ever??) and it was almost better than every other technology ever almost. By 2014 90 of mobile phones world  wide had started using blue tooth therefore advancing, human civilization forever. 

Now get this… I bet you didn’t know that there are two types of Bluetooth! One type is Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR). What a complicated name… BR/EDR uses a continous wire less connection. No cords!!! yay!!! BR/EDR sends a steady stream of data like a stream of water continuously flowing into a sink, foreveer. Didn’t I just come up with the coolest analogy ever?! The other type is Low Energy (LE).Thats a simpler name LE uses a short- burst wireless connection, LE sends short bursts of data over to the other device. BR/EDR is used for wireless headsets and hands-free, while LE is used for heart monitors and way-finding services. Both types of Bluetooth do similar things they are used for their own purposes. Basically both mean that we don’t need those cords anymore. Personally I’m so grateful for airpods because before there was airpods I had to use my earbuds but they ALWAYS got tangled and it was so easy to break them. :’( (but now I’m not sad anymore because I have Bluetooth airpods!) Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Bluetooth has benefited us in soooo many awesomely amazing incredible ways,one way people have been benefited by it is by being able to wirelessly connect devices without any cost at all. For instance, a phone can be wirelessly connected to a car so that hansfree can be used. This befits people so they can talk on the phone without even having to pull their phone out of their pocket and then type and search for stuff and take a long time doing things like that which makes driving safer because they are not distrcted by holding their phone. So then you can use your phone while driving which is awesomeeee and a really good benefit. a ipad can also be connected to a keyboard by using blue tooth, so that people can type on a keyboard, instead of using the keyboard, that pops up on the screen. This benefits people, because it makes it easier and faster to type, and it is also less strenuous on their hands. The benefit bluetooths have give people had made their lives so much easier than it would have been without Bluetooth and if we still had all those super annoying cords. Who even thought that cords would be a good idea at all??? I dont know why they didn’t use Bluetooth from the start

These days, many people probably use Bluetooth almost everyday, without thinking about how much it has changed their lives. (Isn’t that cool?!?!?!?!) As a result of Bluetooth, people have less untidiness (Just think of all those cords youd have…) in their houses than they would have had if Bluetooth had not been invented. How does anyone even think of these things???? Even though it is a fairly new invienton it has already, impcted us in many many many incredible amaaaaazying awesome cool ways it will probably continue to make life so amazingly awesome people even more in the many many many many years to come!!!!!!  Therefore, the world has changed for the better forever and ever and without Bluetooth wed probably be fighting in wars everyday for the rest of our lives. In conclsion think of Bluetooth whenever you use it because it changed your life in so many ways.

Thanks for reading! And dont forget to check out my oteher  articles!!!!! Also please follow me on forums Im trying to get 100 followers soon thanks bye ;)!!! Adios! Auf Wiedersehen! Au Revoir! Adeus! さようなら!! xoxo 

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