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What a Wild Life!

What is your most memorable experience? Your experience may stand out because it is exciting, meaningful, dangerous, hilarious, intriguing, or very, very dull. I have interviewed three Spotlight columnists–including myself– and have come up with a variety of stories in answer to this wild question. Kalijah is clay’s Spotlight editor. […]


Archer the Space Explorer

For Story Spotlight this month, I have interviewed a real space explorer– April Fools! Usually I do interview real people, but because of the season my editors asked me to switch things up. Archer is a fictional space explorer from Hans Bluedorn’s newly released book Archer and Zowie. In Hans’s […]

Featured Spotlight

Woo-Woo’s Testimony

Last summer, radios at The Oaks frequently broadcasted something such as, “This is Snapchat to Zip,” or “This is Laffy-Taffy to Little Mermaid.” At The Oaks, the summer staff gave each other funny nicknames for the summer-camp season. They communicated over radios and in normal conversation using the nicknames, some […]