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A Sleeping Giant

“If the people [disagreed], it was over,” recalled Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul, about the day in August when she stood above a crowd of thousands and delivered a radical speech, a summarization of months of discontent and protests. The 21-year-old passionately called to end Thailand’s strict lese-majeste law, which protects royalty from […]


Journalism Vs. Fake News

“What is Journalism?” is one question that centuries of writers and news reporters have sought to answer. In 1690, journalism was simply the newspaper. But by 2019, journalism encapsulates a plethora of sources from television broadcasting to blogging. As some would answer, journalism is storytelling; journalists craft stories that communicate […]


Petitions and Protests

Red flags wave in the sky as several thousand protestors shiver in St. Petersburg’s September air. A troubled crowd of seniors and youth alike hold their hastily made posters. “We want to live on our pensions, not die at work,” one sign reads. Police stand by restlessly waiting for the […]