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A New Strain of COVID?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of clay Magazine or TPS. As if COVID-19 did not already ravage the world during 2020, reports now suggest that the virus may have mutated and formed new strains. The newest variant of COVID-19, known as […]


More Trouble in Turkey?

Surprise! The United States and Turkey are at odds once again. This time the United States have taken its reprimand of Turkey one step further by ordering a sanction. “The Trump administration will sanction Turkey for its purchase of a Russian surface-to-air missile system more than a year after Ankara […]


Peace Between Azerbaijan and Armenia?

Exclusive: Official at Center of Armenia, Azerbaij The history between Armenia and Azerbaijan is extremely complex. Their conflict dates back decades over disputed areas of land that have been in contention since the Soviet Union broke up. Since the summer of 2020, however, tensions have re-risen over a disputed land […]


COVID-19 Update

It is incredible to think about how six months ago the whole world shut down. It seems like it was yesterday that there were rumors that students would get another week off for spring break in order to take precautions against COVID-19. That week passed, then another, and another until […]


Concentration Camps Within China

Currently, it seems like a few large countries constantly make news headlines, and China is no exception. A story that has been only mildly talked about for the past few years is now coming into the light again, revealing more details about the Uyghur Muslim concentration camps. The Uyghurs are […]