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Belarus’ Fight for Freedom

In a world where leaving the house and wearing a face mask seems like the new norm, it is easy to become disheartened. Normal life has come to a halt as students attend virtual classes, employees work from home, and the world’s economy fluctuates wildly. Thousands of people have suffered […]


Journalism Vs. Fake News

“What is Journalism?” is one question that centuries of writers and news reporters have sought to answer. In 1690, journalism was simply the newspaper. But by 2019, journalism encapsulates a plethora of sources from television broadcasting to blogging. As some would answer, journalism is storytelling; journalists craft stories that communicate […]


Brazil’s Mining Disaster

Recently, Brazil has experienced one of the worst mining disasters in the country’s history. A dam holding tailings (unwanted waste material created during mining) of mud and pieces of iron ores broke in the Parque de Cachoeira community causing the tailings to fall on workers. The collapse of the dam […]