Tag: Alayna Carlock


I Am Who You Say I Am

Growing up comes with a lot of confusion. Teenagers are bombarded with questions from society, asking them who they are and what their true identity is. It can be easy for a person to respond to such questions by finding their identity in the place they are from–their culture, their […]


Peter Pan: Finding Home

Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, is rather fond of storytelling, especially if it is his own story. So, on a starry Neverland night, Peter gathered the lost boys around the fire for it was time for a most thrilling bedtime story.    Peter began, “Like I always […]


Resources for Third Culture Kids

Oftentimes, third culture kids live many years weighed down with feeling misunderstood, prompting them to research for helpful resources. Nowadays, social media platforms provide exceptional resources for non-TCKs and TCKs to further understand the life they live.  From books to podcasts to playlists, resources for TCKs can be found all […]