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Theology & Worldview

The Importance of Prayer

You see a friend’s prayer request post. They’re going through a hard time; their mom is sick and their dad just lost his job. So you do what any good friend does: you comment with something along the lines of, “Praying!”  But do you actually pray for them? In today’s […]

Theology & Worldview

The Globalization of Christianity: “Make Disciples of All Nations”

The past century has showed unexpected and dramatic growth of the Christianity in some areas of the world, in contrast to discouraging decline in others. However, the faith has overall continued to thrive. Europe and North America, continents traditionally dominated by Christianity, have grown less religious in recent years. The […]

Theology & Worldview

Preparing the Heart for The Field

When someone decides to become a missionary, the majority of decisions revolve around training, language learning, and other important steps in the process. Although these all are necessary parts of preparing to be a missionary, Christians also need to ready their hearts. Anyone who decides to follow Christ and teach […]