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Meet Charlie Livingstone: Extreme Sports

Introducing: Charlie Livingstone! Charlie will be re-joining as the new Extreme Sports columnist for Clay after writing for the Technology and Inventions column last year. He is currently stationed with his family at the Pentagon in Washington DC. He loves the army life and aspires to join as either a […]

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Troy Polamalu: Raging Quiet

As the end of the year approaches, students live in a constant state of both apprehension and anticipation. Apprehension because the finale of the school year means the dreaded finals- Tests stacked with random blots of information from the nine months previous. Anticipation because of summer- that lovely time of […]

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Dream Draft?

Where can you witness dozens of some of the world’s best athletes, wealthy franchise owners, and sports newscasters all converging at once? The NFL draft, of course! On April 27th hundreds of fans, future stars, and hopefuls gather together at the AT&T stadium in Texas to catch a glimpse of […]