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loneliness do you see me? in that corner, against the wall, hanging by a thread. people drift out on tides leaving me in their wake to watch their footprints fade away. and I wander in the shadow of hope suspended by strings of alone, listening to that song called “goodbye.” […]

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South Africa is the scent of smoke that dances up into the sky from ochre brushfires. It’s the sound of a non-American football hitting a field that’s encased in million-dollar metal stadiums. It’s the sight of grandmothers fighting off black mambas on the sides of dust-encrusted roads. It’s the texture […]

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I’d Rather Build

This is me—covered in Ikea sawdust until my hands are smooth like glass, bandana-clad to keep erroneous strands tucked away, splinter-dusted, and music-filled because of the songs playing through my earbuds. I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together for as long as I can remember. Here’s baby […]

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they say

They say the sea is deep, but there’s nothing deeper than the sky in blue. It stares so wide, it feels so vast, that the imprint of it is permanently stretched across my retinas. It almost is painful and if the aerodynamics of rocketry were within my grasp, then I would […]