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Brady’s World: Journal Entry Three

Dear journal, with November comes Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. You might be thinking that for a future world dictator who fights werewolves, going to visit relatives might be a step down in excitement, but if that’s what you think, then you’ve clearly never […]


Brady’s World: Journal Entry Two

Now, Journal, I think you should understand that, despite being destined to rule the world, I’ve never really understood girls, especially my older sister Sylvie. She just turned eighteen, and even though I’m only six years younger, she still treats me like some sort of incapable child (crazy, I know!)  […]


Brady’s World: Journal Entry One

Hello, journal! Welcome back to existence; I’m sorry about losing you under my bed a few years ago. My name is Brady Costen in case you’ve forgotten: world-renowned super spy, expert skydiver, genius in the making, and professional twelve-year-old. You may recognize me from the news. I believe that the […]