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TPS Seniors 2018

Raelen VanDuzer

Meet Raelen VanDuzer!   “Mom, I’m so glad I have Ancient History with Mr. C today. It makes me laugh, and I don’t really feel like laughing today.” A tearful twelve-year-old Raelen rode home in the car with a supportive mom, trying to suck it up after a rough day […]


I Can’t Even.

I wish I had a specific, deep, meaningful word to describe New Year’s Eve and Day. But for me, the fireworks, the late night, the memories, and the anticipation can’t be contained in one specific word, so bear with me as I use a vague one instead. It’s not just bittersweet, […]


The Power of Position

Tap. Tap. Tap. The ring of Martin Luther’s hammer echoed through the quiet streets of Wittenberg, Germany under cover of the late autumn predawn darkness. On the 31st of this month 500 years ago, a troubled monk broke the seal on a Reformation that had been whispering in the heart […]