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Meet the Staff

Meet Hannah Cook: Content Creator

This year, I’d like to welcome Hannah Cook, who is joining the clay staff as a Content Creator! Hannah is a seventeen-year-old senior. Although she’s been homeschooled her whole life, this is her very first year taking classes through an online school; keep an eye out for her in Bible […]

Featured Meet the Staff

Meet Elisabeth Triplett: Graphic Designer

Elisabeth Triplett—a Southern-born junior with cinnamon locks and blue-grey eyes—enters the scene as clay’s first Graphic Designer. Since childhood, Elisabeth has loved painting and illustrating. Her passion for art originated from her always-creative spirit, which sparked her desire to make original creations with her imagination and inspiration from other artists. […]

Meet the Staff

Meet Anina McKnight: Photographer

Describing herself as cautious, skeptical, loyal, and curious, fifteen-year-old Anina McKnight is a friendly and fun person who enjoys getting things done. Born on October 30, 2003, she is the youngest of six children, the closest child to her being ten years her senior. Anina has lived in Oahu, Hawaii […]