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Blog Post #9

There are extroverts, and then there are extroverts. The first kind are your ordinary, run-of-the-mill energy vampires, the ones who know everyone and his beta fish but still always zero in on you and your 2% social battery. They think they’re being friendly and inclusive, but you know the truth. […]

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Raining Spatulas

During the glorious month of April, most people’s minds are turning to the subject of their upcoming finals and impending demise at the hands of their homework. To alleviate the stress, many people turn to the always-comforting tradition of listening to poetry, a category that includes both pop songs and […]

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Writer’s Block

Well, my friends, I am suffering from the disease that claims all writers eventually, that monster, writer’s block.   I’ve got absolutely nothing. My brain is a blank slate of confused emptiness. I really have no idea what to do next with the story. In place of a story today, […]