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Cold War Part Two?

The age old tale of conflict between Russia and the United States is a familiar one. Whether it was the petrifying threat of communism during the Red Scare or the decade long tensions surrounding potential nuclear fallout during the Cold War, Russia and the United States have seemingly been at […]


US Racial Justice in 2020: An Overview

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of clay Magazine or TPS. Some readers might find the content herein distressing. Please read with caution.  While Americans are no strangers to discussions about the intersection of race and the American justice system, […]


I Am Who You Say I Am

Growing up comes with a lot of confusion. Teenagers are bombarded with questions from society, asking them who they are and what their true identity is. It can be easy for a person to respond to such questions by finding their identity in the place they are from–their culture, their […]