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United States and Divided Units

On September 23, 1999, NASA’s 193-million-dollar Mars Climate Orbiter entered orbit around Mars—or was supposed to. Instead, it was lost, either by falling into the Martian atmosphere and disintegrating or by flying straight through the atmosphere and falling into orbit around the sun. Initially, engineers and officials at NASA were […]


The Political Hail Mary

Hail Mary (n.): a long forward pass in football, especially as a last-ditch attempt at the end of a game, where completion is considered unlikely.  This is what Donald Trump’s campaign has left in terms of a path to presidential victory, a slim chance for an election win.  Upon the […]


Foreigners for the Holidays

Holidays were meant to be spent with loved ones, but living overseas often means being separated from family and friends. Even more so, living in a culture unlike one’s culture in the home country creates a whole new way to celebrate the holiday season. The way TCKs experience Christmas is […]