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A Conversation on Mars

  (Photo Credit: https://www.123rf.com/photo_49046804_mars-high-resolution-best-quality-solar-system-planet-all-the-planets-available-this-image-elements-.html) In the year 2050, a lot has changed in the field of education. Most strikingly, many TPS teachers and students now live on the distant red planet of Mars. Mr. Thoma, a Potters School teacher, has had to learn how to grade papers, maintain a consistent […]


The Science Issue!

Hello, my dear readers, and welcome to the science issue of my column! In today’s article, we we will learn about the latest and greatest discoveries in the wonderful world of science.  First off, hats make you dumb. Advance apologies, my hat-loving readers.  After years of extensive research, the brightest […]