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Meet Josiah DeBoer!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor (and also my duty) to introduce you to Josiah DeBoer! Josiah lives near Chicago and is a senior in high school. This year, he will be the Open Mic editor, helping students who would like their writing featured in clay magazine. For those […]


Non Sequitur Titling

Hey, y’all. In case you haven’t gathered, this is my last month writing for clay this year. I know, you’re really sad. But you have a significant other now, so you can take consolation in him or her. And remember to toast me as you remember the golden days of […]


Let’s Date Old People!

Guys, guess what? I decided to be all trendy and hipster this year. So I’m writing my Valentine’s Day column two weeks late.   Plus, to further the hilarity, I’m telling you how to all get dates without having gotten one myself this year. Hypocritical? Maybe. But am I funnier […]