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Military Animals

(All images within this article were found on Google images.)  The military is an institution of each nation designed to protect its borders and international interests. It uses innumerable methods to maintain domestic and foreign peace. The main tools used are warcraft—airplanes, ships, ground vehicles, for example. However, another implement […]


Veteran Athletes

The Olympics are a unique event in which all Americans can support the athletes who represent the United States. Each of those Olympians has a fascinating story of their journey to the place they are now and how they came to be among the world’s best in their specific event.


What is wrong with the 7th Fleet?

  The US Navy is divided into separate fleets, each of which covers different areas of the globe. There are currently six active fleets: the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Tenth fleets. However, in recent months, one fleet in particular has been under significant stress. The Seventh fleet, stationed […]