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How to Take a TPS Test

A few months ago, I taught you guys how to study. Now that you have developed these habits and have without a doubt been studying amazingly since, you’re ready for THE NEXT LEVEL of testing. Here are some tips and tricks to power through your test to get perfect scores: […]


How to Study

Procrastinate The best way to study is, well, to not study. Of course you already know the material! As a matter of fact, I’m busy not studying and reflecting right now!   Don’t study what will be on the test Okay, so maybe you’ve decided that you do want to […]


How to Text in Class

No, not that kind of texting! This month, we’re talking about using your chat box in GP6. If you’ve taken a TPS class this year, (which, by now, would be concerning if you haven’t) you’ll have noticed and have most likely used the chat box. But what are the best […]