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Christian at the Cross
Theology & Worldview

Back to the Basics

What has Jesus done? What is He doing? And what will He do? 
Also, what am I doing about all this?

We need to continually turn back to these basic (but important!) questions as we live in this world, because, whether we admit it or not, the basics are often the first things we forget. And as long as we sin, we desperately need to return to the basics of the gospel and God’s Word.


Girl’s Spotlight: Granny! (AnnaGrace Horton)

“Granny!” Jillian-in-little-girl-form (Jill) grinned at AnnaGrace Horton (AG or Granny). “Hello!” AG smiled back. “Ready when you are.” “Ok! First, how old are you, Granny?” “Physically, I’m 18 years young. Mentally, I’m 8.” AG laughed. “Spiritually… I don’t know.” “Ah.” Jill nodded, “How many siblings do you have?” “I have […]