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Don’t Leave Me Behind

He sat on his easy chair in the living room, light blue eyes behind thick-rimmed glasses staring out at the rain emptying into the backyard, soft veiny hands clutching the brown pleather armrests. His gray tracksuit matched the gray paint of the walls, dwarfing a skinny frame. White downy hair […]

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Greater Graters

There’s nothing greater than a grater.   If you have a particularly annoying grader, you can grate that grader. If you have a weak paper, you can grate that paper and write one that’s greater. If you have a crummy hater, you can grate that hater and make yourself greater. […]

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I fail myself

I fail myself my ambition swallows me whole sometimes leaving nothing in my place except for my shoes loose from the floor but ready to explode away at a moment’s notice   my ego flies me to cloud nine sometimes nothing staying on earth except for the people that I […]

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loneliness do you see me? in that corner, against the wall, hanging by a thread. people drift out on tides leaving me in their wake to watch their footprints fade away. and I wander in the shadow of hope suspended by strings of alone, listening to that song called “goodbye.” […]

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South Africa is the scent of smoke that dances up into the sky from ochre brushfires. It’s the sound of a non-American football hitting a field that’s encased in million-dollar metal stadiums. It’s the sight of grandmothers fighting off black mambas on the sides of dust-encrusted roads. It’s the texture […]