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Torn – Chapter 4

“You did what?!” Zechariah’s beard bristled and his lip quivered with intense anger. The buzz of conversation from nearby council members suddenly died as fast as a fire dies out when deluged with water. The other Pharisees and Sadducees stared at Zechariah’s outburst. Ignoring them, he seized my collar and […]

Theology & Worldview

Torn – Chapter 3

Sunrise over Bethany. Breathtaking. The gloomy stone buildings are touched gently by a rose glow as mist trails down from the hills. Overhead, the gray sky gradually gives way to golden splendor as the sun rises in the remote east. Dark, gnarled, scraggly trees clinging to the jagged rocks bloom […]

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Torn – Chapter 2

All attention was raptly fixed on Caiaphas as he slowly took his seat. Deeply shrouded by ragged, black eyebrows, his dark, piercing, glittering eyes scanned the room critically, lingering on each member of the Sanhedrin.  “Be seated,” he commanded. We complied. Something about his manner, his very being, demanded absolute […]