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TPS Seniors 2022

Bronwyn Dix – TPS Senior 2022

Bronwyn Dix is a LotR obsessed teenager who likes dark spaces, dipping her fries in her McFlurry, and blasting “Coming Back Around” from the HTTYD soundtrack at top volume. Despite her fascination with all things medieval, she can often be found reveling in classical music at the piano, her current […]

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Deliver Us From Evil-Chapter 9

Thunk. Jenny hit something. She was lying there, and Gwenllian’s limp hand was no longer in her fingers. Everything was bathed blackness. “Greg?!”  Her scream echoed several ear-splitting times before a moan somewhere beside her responded.  “Greg?” she repeated in a whisper.  “They’re home,” he sighed.  “Are you sure?”  He […]