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Keep Studying with Study Skills!

Note: Unfortunately, my overthrow of S.E. power last month didn’t go so well, and I was forced to go back to my normal column…. Can you believe it’s May already? School—at least for TPS—is over and you’re ready to relax and pretend that the three months of summer vacation will […]


Home Economics: A Delicious Mess

Math, science, history, literature—all these subjects are a part of academics and the pursuit of knowledge. But what about the normal, everyday actions you have to do…such as cooking? How about baking? TPS solves that question with Home Economics: Cooking and Baking (along with its second semester course, Canning and […]


Meet Aina Do: Class Spotlight Columnist

Aina Do, turning seventeen in November, has been taking TPS for three years and is starting her second year with clay as the Class Spotlight columnist. As a class spotlight columnist, Aina will interview teachers about their classes and learn more about the uniqueness of different courses that TPS offers. She […]

Featured Spotlight

Meet Our Founder: Mr. Jeff Gilbert

TPS – The Potter’s School is an online homeschooling program founded in 1997 which teaches a variety of subjects, including AP subjects and college courses, from grades four to twelve. It has served many students scattered around sixty-three countries and includes camp, mission trips, and a graduation ceremony, all which […]