Author: Samantha Carollo


Tradeoffs of a Royal Life

Greetings from The Royal Mini-Guide, and welcome back for our latest installment: Tradeoffs of a Royal Life! Dear princess, we understand that your life has been full of difficult experiences. If you’re like eighty percent of readers, you’ve lost one or both family members through some traumatic event in your […]


How to Attract a True Princess

Greetings from your writers at The Royal Mini-Guide, and thank you for your nine-month subscription! Mini-Guide is a monthly magazine devoted to exactly what every prince and princess needs—good advice. We cover everything from romance to royal hazards, each article filled with nifty tricks to get you out of a […]

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Meet Diana Tavadian: PR Content Creator

Meet fifteen-year-old Diana Tavadian, a newcomer to clay’s PR Team this year! When she’s not watching anime or brainstorming new art projects, you might find her bringing some of those ideas to life. Her enthusiasm for creativity will serve her well as one of the PR team’s Content Creators. She’s […]