Author: Rose Zhang

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Once again, the season of goodbyes has arrived. It’s a bittersweet season, on one hand, you are happy that they are going on a great adventure, but on the other hand, it is sad and heartbreaking to see these awesome people leave. One thing you can do in this season […]

Arts & Culture

Peculiar Ones

Ordinary school schedule, ordinary school routine, and ordinary pens. Yes, it’s only February, but we’re already tired of ordinary things aren’t we? No, wait a second– perhaps they’re not all as ordinary as we thought. Let’s look at some peculiar pens for hand-lettering. There are many extraordinary kinds of pens, […]

Arts & Culture

New Year, New Letter

Happy New Year everyone! Can you actually believe it? It’s 2019, which means we have survived half of the school year! In previous articles, we have covered equipment and all the basic techniques for hand-lettering. Now it’s finally the time to have some fun! Let’s start with a common material […]