Author: Raelen Jade


A Run-On Goodbye

(caption this photo and you’ll get a better imaginary prize than Halle’s) Being senior editor this year was truly one of the greatest highlights of my high school experience. I could say that about plenty of things, including but not limited to various TPSer meet-ups, some rock climbing experiences that […]

TPS Seniors 2018

Darby Frederiksen

Meet Darcy Frederiksen! Darby’s love for travel took root at an early age. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved to Brussels, Belgium, at seven months old. Her homeschooling career began in Europe and continued when she returned to the United States at age 4. In Cincinnati, the INFJ […]

TPS Seniors 2018

Raelen VanDuzer

Meet Raelen VanDuzer!   “Mom, I’m so glad I have Ancient History with Mr. C today. It makes me laugh, and I don’t really feel like laughing today.” A tearful twelve-year-old Raelen rode home in the car with a supportive mom, trying to suck it up after a rough day […]

TPS Seniors 2018

Anna Chan

Meet Anna Chan! Anna has lived abroad in Tbilisi, Georgia for the past three years. Despite her Chinese sounding last name, she’s not actually Chinese. Well, sort of…it’s a long story. She goes to coffee shops far too often and laughs too hard at (low quality) puns. Exploring, photographing, and […]

TPS Seniors 2018

Maria Copeland

Meet Maria Copeland! An ENFJ, Maria is a bookworm, storyteller, and proud Throne Warden sister to nine (so far). She treasures her model of the Evenstar and her camera. The National Bible Bee sparked her passion for memorizing Scripture, and the Institute for Cultural Communicators determined her college major. On […]