Author: Leanne Zuid


Journalism Vs. Fake News

“What is Journalism?” is one question that centuries of writers and news reporters have sought to answer. In 1690, journalism was simply the newspaper. But by 2019, journalism encapsulates a plethora of sources from television broadcasting to blogging. As some would answer, journalism is storytelling; journalists craft stories that communicate […]


Venezuala in Crisis

A nation rolling in natural resources such oil, gold, diamonds, and other minerals, Venezuela faces an intense crisis with a scarcity of food, medicines, and electricity. Political unrest scourges the land as Venezuelans protest their government and make demands to their leaders for their basic needs. Winning the election in […]

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2018 in the History Books

2018 came and went. Over the course of the year, world leaders gathered, storms shattered, and news reporters chattered. As we reminisce about 2018, 2019 has already stormed in with another bombardment of “Breaking News.” Reflecting over this past year, one may consider what 2018 news stories will really appear […]