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Breaking News: Halle reveals all

(Caption this photo in the comments to win a prize that may or may not exist) Today marks the last issue of clay‘s first year. I am so thankful to all of you readers for your loyalty in coming back even in the midst of website malfunctions, countless publishing schedule shifts, and even […]


Senior bios are live!

Click here to meet the class of 2017-18!   And if you’re a senior and just missed the deadline, head on over to the form here. We’d be happy to put yours up next Monday!

TPS Seniors 2018

Halle Kill

Meet Halle Kill Little baby Halle opened up GP4 for her first TPS class nearly eight years ago and was greeted with a chatbox conversation that went a little something like this: “Hi Halle” “Do I know you? “Nope, I just like saying hi to people.” “Okay, then. Hi Frances!” […]


Undercover Boss

After a brief intermission, we are back with week two of our The Crock Pot video series. This week features the culmination of Raelen’s and my schemes (and in our completely unbiased opinion)– it’s worth the watch.  


Vote for your favorite senior editor!

Welcome one and all to the fourth annual round-robin contest featuring your very own Clay writers and editors. Long story short: it was February. We got bored. We split the staff into three groups and wrote some stories (*cough some being more legitimate than others cough*). Below you’ll find links to […]