Author: Grace Wang


A Conversation with Ms. Shearon

Hailing from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Ms. Shearon teaches English 2—Uncommon Valor and both English 3 Lit & Analysis classes. She first decided to teach at TPS because the Lord led her to live with her dad in his remaining years, and He provided the opportunity to teach for TPS, which was […]


A Conversation with Mr. Leonard

Residing in East Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains, Mr. Leonard teaches five different writing classes at TPS, including English 1, 2, and 3 (Confident Composition). The author of a novel, The Evangelist in Hell, Mr. Leonard loves creative writing and encourages young people to write. He is married and has […]

About clay

Meet Joie Koo: Craft Columnist

Having suddenly turned into a piece of polymer clay, Joie Koo attempted to roll into a cylinder. When nothing happened, she tried again and again. Unfortunately, her efforts were to no avail. Just as Joie began getting frustrated, she woke up from her dream. Meet Joie Koo, clay’s craft columnist […]