Author: Grace Wang

Adam Lang and his three kids and wife

A Conversation with Mr. Lang

Mr. Adam Lang instructs Honors and Standard Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and AP Biology. In the next couple of years, he hopes to add a Zoology class. His favorite animal is the Mantis Shrimp, “a beautiful animal which punches its prey with the force of an actual bullet and sees […]

Vince Monfreda

A Conversation with Mr. Monfreda

An instructor of TPS since 2011, Mr. Vince Monfreda teaches US History and US Government and Politics (both AP and regular), Globetrotters Geography, and Starting Points. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, and enjoys reading, gardening, exercise, fishing, politics, and watching baseball and football. In addition, he loves listening to different […]

Jen Rathmell

A Conversation with Dr. Rathmell

Dr. Jennifer Rathmell has been teaching psychology at TPS for 10 years and this year she’s teaching Intro to Biblical Psychology and Counseling. In addition to teaching at TPS, she also teaches at a brick-and-mortar school for missionary kids. She enjoys doing projects, and some of her favorite activities include […]

Mr. Manns and his Wife

A Conversation with Mr. Manns

Currently in his fourth year at TPS, Mr. Bill Manns teaches Algebra 1 and Geometry—which is unsurprising, considering that math was his favorite subject in school. He lives in Marysville, Michigan, with his wife of 25 years, Jo Lynn. He enjoys spending quality family time with her and his two […]