Author: Elva Lu


Turmoil in Tunisia

Disclaimer: Some readers may find the content herein distressing. Please read with caution.  For twenty-three years, Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali led a bloody dictatorship marred with killings, torture, and severe corruption. In 2011, he was ousted from power and fled to Saudi Arabia, where he died in […]


Afghanistan: When is enough enough?

“It’s time for American troops to come home… the United States will begin our final withdrawal — begin it on May 1 of this year… U.S. troops, as well as forces deployed by our NATO Allies and operational partners, will be out of Afghanistan before we mark the 20th anniversary […]


Ent-ernational Studies 101

Hrum now, welcome to Wellinghall University in Fangorn Forest. Professor Fangorn is my name according to some, Treebeard others make it. Treebeard will do. Professor of Ent-ernational Studies I am, indeed. What is Ent-ernational Studies, you ask? Hoo now! Not so hasty. You are in my class, and I am […]