Author: Elva Lu


Tariffs on Tariffs: What to Know

Even for non-news nerds, the word “tariff” has probably reached your ears. Debate on tariffs has flooded headlines since Trump’s presidency. Still, it helps to step back and examine the big picture to gain a deeper understanding and perspective on what is boiling on Capitol Hill. But before anything else, […]


Instability in Iraq

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of clay Magazine or TPS.  Iraq, a historical breeding ground for violence, war, and unrest, currently faces quakes of political outrage. When the current Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi came into office in October […]


The FARC: Rebellion or Peace?

On August 29th, the FARC released a 32-minute YouTube video declaring “a new stage of fighting.” Former rebel commander Luciano Marín, also known as Iván Márquez, along with 20 other armed fighters, stood behind a banner that pictured faces of the group’s founder, flag, and the words: “as long as […]

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Chinese Re-Education Camps

Chinese officials claim that the “education and training” camps holding an estimated one million Uighurs, a Turkic ethnic group, and other Muslim minorities, have released a majority of the detainees. But Western governments, human rights activists, and Uighur diaspora remain skeptical.   China sees the Uighur people as terrorist and separatist […]