Author: Elise Kersten


Rivers and Pi

Nothing’s more carefree and spontaneous than the winding of a river. Whether it’s cutting through canyons or slicing through forests, it follows its mysterious whims, winding eternally in bizarre serpentines. However, in 1996, a paper in Science proposed that the winding of rivers isn’t random at all; rather, it is […]


How to Gold Plate a Putty-Tat

Hewwo, everyone, this Tweety Bird! Awen’t dose nasty putty tats simply dweadful? Dey never give you a moment’s west, always sneaking around with deir pointy claws and deir pointy teeth and deir mean ol’ putty tat eyes. But have I a surpwise for you! I’ve contwived a special way to […]


Space Fridge

It’s been a productive snow day. Footprints and sled tracks cover the ground, and twenty-two rows of little snowmen line the backyard. But alas! The sun has numbered the miniature army’s days. Freezers could prolong their lives, but it would require ten freezers to fit all the snowmen, which would […]