Author: Elise Kersten


Why Horse Riding is Possible

No matter how much equestrians may pride themselves on being able to ride a horse over all sorts of brightly colored obstacles and through intricate patterns, whether lunging forward at the gallop or collected into the floating yet powerful piaffe (demonstrated by the worldwide champion above), if a horse doesn’t […]


The Chemistry of Fireworks

Put simply, fireworks are awesome.  The sounds and smells of the explosions, the bright colors, the audience’s collective rapture—it’s all enchanting.  But what’s most impressive is the combination of power and precision.  These giant exploding fireballs are actually the result of delicate chemistry that’s more like an art than anything […]


The Mystery of Consciousness

If you’re reading this, you’re conscious.  And if you just read that, you’re conscious that you’re conscious.  But what does it mean to be conscious?  The Oxford Dictionary says it’s to be “aware of and responding to one’s surroundings,” but how?  How do the masses of neurons in the gray […]