Author: Cassie Disharoon

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TEAM CASSIE: Of T-Rexes, Pigs, and Slightly Sentient Crystals

Julia Holmgren • Alessandra Gugliotti • Sashira Camacho • Samuel Kleis • Emmeline Arehart • Alayna Carlock • Hannah Wong • Sarah Estes • Gabe Ratcliffe • Brooke Eckhardt • Abigail Snyder • Ian Lee • Aaron Shapiro • Jenna Koo • Mari Stanton • Sarah Sears • Rachel Shey […]


Strange But True: Artificial Intelligence

Merriam-Webster defines artificial intelligence as “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.”  This term, which originated in 1956, represents a scientific field that is simultaneously fascinating and worrying. Researchers have made great strides in this field, enabling AI to have a role in music, entertainment, medicine, and […]