Author: Bronwyn Dix

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Interesting Accessories

Since we are coming into the holiday season, it is high time that we discuss the little pieces that give our outfits their finishing touch: accessories. There are hundreds of things classified as accessories, so we will only touch on a few. Many of the accessories seen today have roots […]

Arts & Culture

The Spiel on Socks

One of my favorite articles of clothing this time of year happens to be socks, and today, they are a big fashion statement. When you search for socks on Amazon, you’ll find everything from your solid color basics to knee-highs printed with anything from pineapples to the Mona Lisa. Interestingly, […]

Arts & Culture

All About Denim

Denim–many wear it almost every day whether it’s in the form of jeans, shorts, a jacket, or overalls. You name it. Not to mention, they can be used for almost any kind of activity. But jeans weren’t always worn in the everyday context they are now. In 1851, Levi Strauss […]