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Keep Studying with Study Skills!

Note: Unfortunately, my overthrow of S.E. power last month didn’t go so well, and I was forced to go back to my normal column…. Can you believe it’s May already? School—at least for TPS—is over and you’re ready to relax and pretend that the three months of summer vacation will […]


How To Interview Your Dragon

Disclaimer: This article is the exclusive property of Lemon Duck (also known as Aina Do) and clay. You already have Lemon’s and clay’s permission to view it since it’s been posted publicly. But it may not be used, copied and pasted, sold illegally to Dragon Hunters, printed, set on fire by a […]


Go Slightly Less Insane with TPS’s Geometry Courses

Have you ever had the desire to learn about polygons, trigonometry, and congruent triangles? Or perhaps you’ve been dying to know how to string theorems, definitions, and common notions into complex and intricate yet highly logical proofs. Well, even if you haven’t and are yelling for end of the world […]