Author: Abigail Snyder


Bamboo House

Some people have been held at gunpoint–others have been held at knifepoint–but I had never heard of anyone, until a year ago, who was held at frogpoint. As my family was unfortunate enough to discover, a grumpy amphibian staring you down is far from pleasant.   Our vacation to Kanchanaburi, […]


Kitchen Mishaps

These stories need no introduction. Everyone knows that cooking can often be very tricky, with mistakes, regrets, and explosions aplenty. So prepare to laugh at this compilation of cooking tales—and learn from them!    “A dessert I frequently make is called Green Stuff. It consists of pistachio pudding, canned pineapple, […]

About clay

Meet Hannah Cook: Content Creator

This year, I’d like to welcome Hannah Cook, who is joining the clay staff as a Content Creator! Hannah is a seventeen-year-old senior. Although she’s been homeschooled her whole life, this is her very first year taking classes through an online school; keep an eye out for her in Bible […]


Susie: A Pig’s Tale

Who would have guessed that this unusual and less-than-manageably-sized pet could become such an invaluable family member? Or that giant wild boars make good pets at all? What is this about a secret feud between pigs and roosters? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the tale of Susie. While only a […]