Author: Aaron Shey


Christmas – Better in October

Hello my dear readers, y’all may be getting ready for Christmas during this time if everything is going well.  I say if, as I recently cried so much after writing my last article I drowned in crumpled cheeseburgers and suffered from severe dehydration.  Yes, I wipe my eyes with cheeseburgers. […]


Mashed Yams – A Thanksgiving Story

Happy November, everyone! It’s the month of Thanksgiving and… stale Christmas stuff. But before we go into all out sicko – I’m sorry, jolly – mode, take a moment to check out “Mashed Yams,” a Thanksgiving movie guaranteed to become a classic. The film begins rather darkly, with a chef […]


Despicable Me – A Sad Tale

Many of you remember the smash hit film “Despicable Me,” a “heart warming” and “humorous” tale of villainy and “parenting”. Those scare quotes were on purpose, as none of those adjectives apply. All those big-time newspaper movie reviewers were wrong. “Despicable Me” is a dramatic, sorrowful tale that rivals James […]