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Open Mic: Art and Photography by Nicole Sua

Endearing Face of Fluff

God’s Painting

Strings of Joy

‘Peace,’ the Sea calls, ‘Peace.’

The Light Chose Me 


I have been broken


shattered like a glass vase

That once held flowers, now wilted

Crumbling to nothing


I have been cut so deep

Like a double edged sword 

Slicing through those cracked pieces

Pulverizing what little was left


I have been tricked

Convinced that lies were facts

They buried me, held me down

Trapped my wings, blocked the truth

Sunk me deeper into the ocean of darkness



It was there

With the broken, shattered, sliced pieces

In the midnight zone of lies

That the Light shone brightest


He was there all along

How come it took darkness 

To make me aware 

Of His unfailing love

I do not know


His mighty hands took

All my cracked parts   

And bit by bit

Bound them 

 Together again


He mended me

Healed me

Replaced the lies with His Truths

Steadied my weary body

Placed me on solid ground


He was patient with my falls

Patient with my doubts and fears

Reassuring that there is life still

Eternal from the resurrection 

He said that He died for me too


So I was once broken

Once shattered

Once cut so deep

Once drowning in the dark

But now, He made me new 


I still struggle

I still stumble

But He always catches me

Never ceases His love for me

Clothes me in perfect peace


So till the day I meet Him

Till the race is completed

Till the final battle is won

I choose Him every moment, everyday

Because even in the dark, the Light chose me


Photo Credits:

Nicole Sua

Meet the Author

How old are you?

I am fifteen years old.

Where do you live?

I live in Miami, Florida.

What classes are you taking with TPS this year?

This year, I am taking American History Lit and Comp Honors, Algebra Honors, Biology, and Art 1 & 2 Drawing. And I am honored to be a writer at TPS’s Fotia chapel!

What is your favorite thing about art?

My favorite thing about art is storytelling, to point everyone back to the Greatest Artist of them all–the One who paints the skies and perfectly designs us humans with incredible complexity, made in His glorious image. I am a storyteller to the core–through writing, art, photos, songs, and music, and I hope that all that I do glorifies the only One who enables me to do it.


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    wowww those drawings are pretty darn good =)) the guitar one is really swag

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  3. All the sketch drawings are AMAZING !!! Never seen anything quite like it. Simply AWESOME

  4. Good Job Nicster! YMYMNPP… You Make Your Mama N Papa Proud!!! … and you inspire us! Cheers! Looking forward to your next creations…

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