Ending with a Bang

Hello dear friends! Today’s article– BANG! Sorry, tripped over a table on my way here. Anyway, today’s article is on my amazing klutzing skills. I mean, what better way to literally end with a bang?

Let me reintroduce myself as Katie, klutz extraordinaire. I’m not sure how many of you have been blessed with great balance and grace, but I certainly have not. I wouldn’t say it’s always necessarily a bad thing though– sometimes it is very effective for lightening moods. For the most part, it’s just rather inconvenient.

Once upon a time, I was washing dishes. Usually, I don’t have much of a problem other than occasionally dropping a bowl in the sink. As most of you probably know, soap is slippery, so that is warranted. However, that time, I somehow managed to drop a bowl on top of another at the perfect angle and speed to crack it. That surprised me so much, I just spent a few minutes staring at it in mild shock. Thankfully, it didn’t shatter. It just broke into a few large pieces which were fairly easy to clean up. Of course, I can’t forget the time I just dropped a bowl or two on the floor. Those, unfortunately, ended up far more decimated than the sink bowl and a lot harder to clean up.

Besides bowls, I also managed to shatter a bottle of soy sauce which was a nightmare to clean up. It was around half full I believe, so soy sauce was all over the floor. Not to mention that it was in a glass bottle so little shards of glass were everywhere as well. Speaking of liquids (or more liquid things), I also managed to knock over a full gallon of milk that didn’t have the cap on. Luckily, the container was plastic, so it didn’t shatter. I guess that would have been the perfect time to use the old adage “There’s no crying over spilled milk”. Of course, I didn’t cry and just spent a lot of time cleaning it up. One of the more amazing things I managed to destroy was a plastic container of yogurt. Basically, I was trying to take the container out of a rather full refrigerator. Somehow, I lost my grip on it and it flew out of my hands onto the tile floor where it promptly cracked and proceeded to leak yogurt everywhere, including underneath the refrigerator. I suppose that it was because of the weight of the yogurt in the container considering it was fairly full, but I guess I’ll never know.

As for running into things myself, I have to say the most amazing thing I did was slip down carpeted stairs because I was running too fast. I should have listened to my dad! I didn’t fall too badly, but my tailbone was a little sore for a while afterwards. Other than that, I tend to trip over random objects lying around even if they were easily avoidable. A lot of times, especially in the past when I was in a public school, I would end up with scratches or little scrapes on my legs or arms without even realizing how or when I got them.

Obviously, I can’t remember all the silly things I did, which saddens me a little in a way. However, what saddens me more is that this is my last article for the year. I really appreciate all of you, and I hope to see you again next year!



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  1. Elizabeth Nelson

    Katie, I always loved your articles. I can totally relate with bumping into stuff lol 😂. Going to miss ya!

  2. I’ve managed too do almost all of those things, lol

  3. Gabrielle Barnett

    Great article Katie! Thanks for being such a fun columnist this year and bringing all these fun stories to clay!