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Open Mic: Six Ways to Improve Your Daily Devotions by Lily Wallaker

The most important way to connect with the Lord and to learn more about Him is to read His Word. Whether you’re a new Christian, have been one for many years, or are still asking questions about what being a Christian means, reading the Bible and praying through it is the most fundamental way that you can learn how to better walk with the Lord. As I am still learning myself, I am not going to tell you how to read your Bible or how you can most quickly gain spiritual growth (actually, no human can tell you that last one – that is between you and God, and the pace is different for everyone). These are just a few handy tips for motivation and focus when you read through His Word that I hope are helpful.

  1. READ

One of the best ways to not slack on Bible reading is to find a good reading plan. If you aren’t at the point where you think you can read through the whole Bible in a year, that’s okay. But if you are, it can be helpful to have a devotion because not only can you keep track of what you’ve read and when, but you will feel more motivated to read your Bible frequently if you have to keep up with a schedule. One really good option is The Bible Project reading plan. It goes through the Bible in one year fairly chronologically; there is a daily reading either out of the Old or New Testament and one Psalm a day to go along with it. In addition, The Bible Project site has really helpful videos for each book of the Bible and more, which are included in the reading plan if you want to watch along with your study.

  1. STUDY

If you don’t want to study the entire Bible in one year, sometimes going slower is better. It helps to take more time to soak in each passage and to understand it better. You can find many Bible studies or books that go through every passage of a particular book of the Bible. If you want a different study in addition to Bible reading, you might want to try a gospel-based book to read that might not go through any particular Bible passage, but that would be good to read and think through. Make sure you aren’t replacing your Bible with other books, however; good theological books are amazing and wonderful, but the Bible is the Word of God and should be treated as your first priority above other studies.


Another great motivator for reading the Bible regularly is to discuss your progress with other people. Maybe pick a Bible reading plan with your family or a friend or two, and share with each other your thoughts and take-aways from the passage that you’re currently reading. Or maybe join a local Bible study with other believers from your church or in the area. Discussion can be an easy way to remind yourself to be on top of your Bible reading, whether you’re doing it casually with a family member or writing study notes for a small group.

  1. PRAY

Devotional time doesn’t need to just be about reading God’s Word–in fact, you should be praying along with your devotional time. As God’s Word is Him talking to us, prayer is our response and our way to talk to Him. Pray about what you just read. Ask that your eyes may be opened to the truth of the passage. Ask for His blessings on your day ahead of you if you read in the mornings or for a good night’s sleep if you read at night. Pray for a struggling friend or neighbor. Confess your sins to Him and ask Him for His guidance. Praise and worship Him! One idea is to make a prayer journal with a list of names or things to pray for, ranging from close friends and family members to the leaders of your country and other countries. Every day when you do your devotionals, pray for one specific person on the list throughout the day.

  1. WRITE

Do you ever have specific thoughts or takeaways from your Bible reading? Using a journal (or a study Bible, if you have one), write down what sticks out to you. Make sure to write down the Bible reference if you are using a journal so that you can come back and see where and what you were writing about. It’s a good way to keep in memory the things you’ve learned throughout your reading.


Above all else, prioritize your Bible. Read it. In the end, even though it’s helpful to study, discuss, and write about it, the first priority should be to read it. This is the most vital way that you connect with God, so make time for it. It’ll get easier to prioritize it over time. Read it first thing in the morning when you get up, or right before you go to bed at night. It’s important to have a relationship with God through your reading. You will be amazed by how much you learn and grow in Him.


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Lily Wallaker

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