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An Official clay Update

Earlier this month, we made the difficult decision to discontinue clay due to our upcoming graduation and inability to accept that clay’s leadership falls into new hands each year. We hoped that this saddening news would be taken well, but unfortunately, it was met with much disappointment and even a few tears. The flood of emails, comments, Forums posts, and more–including rumors of a new clay being created–protesting this announcement prompted us to reconsider our decision.

By now, you’ve (hopefully) figured out that this is our April Fools’ month, and that everything you’ve read about clay shutting down has been one huge prank. This is always one of our favorite publications, and every year, the clay staff comes up with a new prank or theme for the month. We hope that despite your disappointment at first, you got a few laughs out of our April content once you realized it was all a joke. 

So while we will both be leaving clay and TPS, we have found two successors who are sure to continue providing all you readers with engaging new content every week. clay will continue, and clay will be in excellent hands this next year. 

We are so incredibly excited to announce our 2022-2023 Senior Editors…drum roll please…Dianna Pledger and Misa Stanton! 

Dianna and Misa have both served clay well as section editors, showing strong ability as writers and leaders, and we could not be more confident in their ability as clay’s next pair of benevolent dictators. Please join us in wishing them all the best for next year! 

Dianna Pledger

Misa Stanton


Keep checking back on clay as we wrap up our publishing year–we’ll continue posting new content for a few more weeks! Staff applications for the 2022-2023 season will be released soon, and be sure to congratulate our graduating seniors as the Class of 2022 senior bios are published over the coming weeks.

Mari Stanton and Julia Holmgren
2021-2022 Senior Editors


Image Credit: Julia Holmgren


  1. I knew it, you were getting new editors xD

  2. This was the ultimate joke.

    So my poem was useless after all.

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. wow is this gullibility i feel

  5. sEE, i KNEW it was a joke from the start >:)

  6. Congratulations Dianna and Misa!!

  7. Congrats Dianna and Misa! 😀

  8. Congrats!! The A&C Editor – Senior Editor line shall live on muahahaha

  9. Bob the Man With the Kangaroo

    Just pretend you were too busy with school to know it was a joke (I definitelyyyyyy was too busy with my school to fall for their joke lol)

  10. I must say, this may have been the best – and also the cruelest – prank ever.
    Good job Clay!

  11. You guys did good… really good… really evil-ly good… XD
    Congrats Misa and Dianna! Excited for whats to come and I’m SOOOOOOOO glad Clay is not ending!! *cheers*

  12. Congratulations Diana and Misa!! I’m sure you both will do a wonderful job as the new dictators.. ahem, editors 🙂

  13. Ahhh! Can’t wait to have you two as our new benevolent dictators 🙂

  14. Congratulations Dianna and Misa. I am sure you will do a great job! Clay that joke was very low down and mean, but I don’t see how are you going to top it off next year.

  15. clay staff peasant slave

    All hail our new dictators

  16. An Extremely Relieved/Angry student

    Yayyyyy!!! The truth FINALLY came out! Congrats to Dianna and Misa–I can’t wait to see what y’all will do next year!

  17. this prank was prolly the meanest april fools ever but also kinda hilarious

  18. Lol, that was a great prank. Anyway, I’m excited for next year! Congratulations Dianna and Misa!

  19. I only have one thing to say: OOOOOOOOOOOF YOU GOT US GOOOOD!!!!!!! I was very depressed tho. 🙁

  20. oh WOAH 🙂 congrats Dianna and Misa!!

  21. RELIEF!!! congrats! i dont get to read clay much but it contributes so much to tps culture and I’m very happy this was all a prank.

  22. Lucy Pevensie 👑

    Congrats Dianna and Misa! Happy to see that clay will still be happening 😀

  23. congrats dianna and misa!!

  24. Congratulations. I look forward to what next year will bring.

  25. I kinda suspected it was a prank

  26. hey everyone who fell for it its ok we all had a scare

  27. After a few WEEKS, i noticed it was an april fools prank. can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us next year!

  28. This reminds me of that one time in 8th grade where my teacher at a previous school faked an intruder warning just for our class for that days lesson. It scared us all to death.

  29. Wow Sam! sounds awful

  30. Livy the Angry/Amused Child

    AGHHHHHH I half knew it was but then at the same time I DIDN’T KNOW

    So glad that clay isn’t shutting down though!

  31. Vangie was tricked

    man how could you guys do this to your loyal supporters? we were SO SAD

  32. Lord of Anonymity

    Wow… I went on vacation (I can’t say where) right after I heard the April Fool’s News, and I spent an entire week thinking that it was legitimate. I’m so relieved.

  33. I had a feeling from the start that this was a prank…
    LOL Well done!

  34. lol i stan you guys

  35. I actually made a replacement clay lol.

  36. Lol I actually fell for that — good thing clay isn’t actually shutting down!