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Meet Amaya Leiby: Bible Spotlight Columnist

Those enrolled in TPS’s APUSH, British Lit and Comp, Quantitative reasoning, Physics, Spanish 3, or Theology will be hard pressed not to notice her–with an infectious positive attitude and a beautiful smile, Amaya Leiby is going on her fourth and final year with TPS.  Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, the senior lives with her younger sister and her sister’s two cats.  In her spare time, Amaya can be found reading, writing, journaling, or working out.  Following her love of English and History, her favorite genre of literature is WWII, The Nightingale being her favorite book, although she also enjoyed Janette Oke.  

Amaya is a very organized individual, and one of her pet peeves, along with long fingernails and others chewing food close to her ears, is disorganization.  Describing herself as a fruit, she would consider herself most similar to an apple–responsible, consistent, and strong.  She would like to take these characteristics into her field of work.  Her dream career is to be a human, civil, and woman’s rights attorney.  If she could fast forward ten years, she would want to find herself savoring every moment of her everyday life.  She would be potentially married, but still working in law, continuing to write, especially creatively, and remain in her sport, water polo, which she currently competes in on the national level.  As the icing on the cake, she would want to be traveling often, something she greatly enjoys. Her favorite cities she has previously sojourned to are Barcelona, Spain and San Diego, California. However, the top destination on her traveling bucket list is Greece. 

Although she isn’t much of an animal person, Amaya loves dolphins. More of her interests include piano, which she has pursued for many years.  She took lessons for seven years, and although she has since stopped seeing a teacher, she still occasionally plays for her church’s worship band. On the topic of music, she enjoys listening to anything; she might like a song, or she might not.  She doesn’t stick to one genre or another.  When it comes to languages, she can only speak English.  However, she has dabbled in learning Latin and Spanish.  Amaya may be one busy high school student, but that doesn’t stop her from taking up leadership positions and continuing to glorify God through her gifts.  She joined the previous TPS chapel staff and is now the co-founder and writing and outreach director for Fotia, TPS’s new chapel this year. 

Her heart for others can be seen in her plan for this year’s Bible Spotlight. While this is her first year writing for clay, she is excited to share her love of God’s word and her passion for Biblical history.  Her goal is to inspire others and bring uplifting encouragement to her column.  We can expect, in her words, “a deep look into the theology and history of the passages I am writing on.” God has helped her through the difficult times of her life–her favorite Bible verse is, “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9.  When she was very young she struggled with feeling alone as her parents went through a divorce.  But Joshua 1:9 helped her to remember that she in fact wasn’t alone.  The verse has stuck with her since then–she even had it engraved into her car’s keychain. 

As parting words, she would like her readers to remember that God has a plan, a place, and a purpose for everyone.  Her love of Biblical history, God, and a desire to uplift others is sure to make for an unforgettable Bible Spotlight column this year!

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  1. Yess Amaya! Excited for this!!