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Meet Sophia Holmgren: Theater Columnist

This year, fifteen-year-old Sophia Holmgren joins clay for the first time as the theater columnist! She resides in New England with her parents, two sisters, and a very annoying cat. They are also raising a puppy for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind program—an organization that trains guide dogs. 

Sophia has been taking TPS classes since seventh grade, and as she begins her sophomore year, she will take Algebra 2 Honors, English 4/5/6 Advanced Comp, and AP Psychology with TPS, along with AP Chemistry, AP World History, and AP German with other providers. 

Sophia has been homeschooling since first grade, allowing her to travel all over the world. Some of her favorite places she’s visited include Croatia, Iceland, Rome, and Paris. In addition to traveling, Sophia also spends three months of the year in Austria. Her dream vacation would be a trip to Fiji or a tour of East Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, and China. 

When not traveling or working through piles of homework, Sophia enjoys swimming, taking part in triathlons, reading, playing piano and guitar, hanging out with friends, and watching movies, her favorite of which is A Bag of Marbles, which she watched in German! She also enjoys singing, and in a perfect world, Sophia would pursue a career as a professional singer. However, she does not think it will work out, so she currently plans to become a doctor. Sophia’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 139:14: “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” 

Sophia also enjoys listening to all types of music, aside from rock, and some of her favorite genres include classical, pop, and worship music. Some of her favorite books are Between Shades of Gray, the Harry Potter series, and Gone With the Wind, although she disliked the ending. 

Being an ESFP-T, Sophia is a natural entertainer, and she relishes opportunities to be on stage. Not only does she love performing, but she also enjoys watching musicals, her favorite of which is Anastasia. Sophia is excited to share her love of theater this year as clay’s theater columnist!


  1. ahh a theater column sounds so awesome! i can’t wait to see what you’ll write about, sophia!

    (also, first time i’ve net another esfp-t loll)

  2. gopherrr! ilysmm you’re gonna do great this year! looking forward to reading all your articles ❤

  3. 👏👏 Congrats Sophia! Looking forward to reading your articles XD.

  4. Sophia, you’re so pretty! I’m excited to do AP Psych with you this year!

  5. Ooh yes I highly recommend China and Japan 😀

  6. It was wonderful getting to know you, Sophia! I look forward to reading your articles this year!

  7. hey Sophia, youre gonna rock this year! it’s been so fun working with you, and i can’t wait to see your theater articles in the (near) future! 🍍 🥒