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Meet Isabel Yang: PR Manager

Straight outta Bedminster, New Jersey, Isabel Yang is clay’s very own PR Manager this year!  Although Public Relations may not be the first words that comes to mind when one thinks about clay, Isabel nevertheless plays a key role in bringing the ezine to readers across TPS. She has always had a love for both photography and media, leading her to take on positions on the PR Team for the last two years.  In fact, some of you may recognize her previous work as a photographer and content creator on clay’s social media.  This valuable combination of passion and experience will allow Isabel to be, in her words, “the glue” that takes the creative ideas of her team and turns them into cohesive content.  Even now, she has a few ideas for clay’s social media that should be exciting for every member of the TPS community.

Outside of clay, Isabel keeps herself busy with several classes, including AP English Literature, Calculus 2, Biology, and Analytical Physics. Although only one of these (AP English Lit) is a TPS course, some of Isabel’s favorite courses and classroom memories still come from her last three years with the school. Many of these high school highlights come from Dr. Leake’s AP Language class, where a coalition of students rebelled against their teacher during a game of jeopardy and spammed the GP7 buzzer, generating a steady stream of what is potentially one of the most annoying sounds on Earth.  Beyond that, a combination of great memes and fun classmates made this class a favorite of Isabel’s.

When she’s not dancing her self-described “unchoreographed waltz” of a school day, Isabel can usually be found catching up on sleep, combating her self-diagnosis of sleep deprivation.  She also uses her passion for photography as her church’s photographer, helping them with projects such as capturing the highlights of its VBS.  Additionally, her public speaking group’s website and Instagram account are both run by Isabel, displaying her experience in the area of media management.  She also helps students of all grades with math and English at a tutoring center, where she also lends a hand to administration.  However, Isabel does take a break from time to time, and when she does, she especially enjoys cooking, particularly Chinese and Taiwanese food, or selecting a book from her lengthy reading list, where she has written down over 100 titles she wants to sit down to.  Despite the large number of novels she’d like to read, Isabel has a love for some of the classics, including Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.  An ideal vacation for her would be reading these selections in the breathtaking scenery of Ireland or Iceland, where she can finally catch a breath from her hectic schedule.

No matter how many times she trips in her chaotic waltz through the school year, the upcoming months prove to be promising for Isabel and clay’s PR team as a whole.  As the PR Manager, Isabel has the experience and new ideas to make this a year everyone can look forward to!



  2. Great article, Andrew!

  3. I loved being able to get to know you over the past few weeks, Isabel! I’m absolutely stoked to see what you do with clay and I’m sure what you do will only improve what we have here!

    • Likewise, it was great conversing with you! Best wishes on your coming year and what’s to come in the future!