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Meet Cary Didden: Cartoonist

Cary is one who easily lights up any room. Upon interviewing him, he was nothing short of elated and excited to become a first-time clay participant. First impressions immediately led me to believe that I had discovered a beaming personality who is peppy, welcoming, and easy to talk to! Bringing both enthusiasm and laughter to the table, there is no doubt Cary will make a rocking cartoonist for the humor column this year!

Completely immersed in homeschooling alongside his mother, younger brother, and co-op classmates, twelve-year old Cary Didden enrolled in TPS earlier this summer. He takes interest in anything science-related yet ultimately enjoys fun in the sun, especially sporting activities. If you ever wish to chat with him, you’ll bump into him attending an English with Literature class taught by TPS. His deep roots in music led him to play the piano, and he may perhaps learn the guitar in the foreseeable future. Although looking forward to the endless possibilities of classes in seventh grade, Cary’s smile turns upside down when faced with the difficulty of math! However, driven by curiosity and intellect, he can succeed at anything he puts his mind to.

Nearly every summer, Cary swims alongside a neighboring team to refresh himself from the blistering heat. In addition, he looks forward to his family’s road trip to Palm Beach, Florida to visit his relatives. Right off the bat, Cary was instantly one to spread good vibes and bring a real sense of contagious laughter, even over a chatbox! Beginning from the exceptionally young age of five, Cary has developed a love for drawing that has since evolved into a burning passion for the art. Having taken just one pre-recorded illustration course, Cary has continued to excel in his drawing by teaching himself. Over time, his portfolio gradually broadened. Dragons are his favorite subjects to draw, with dinosaurs being a close second. When asked his favorite color, he didn’t waste one second to type green into the chatbox. Born in late May, Cary is a rollercoaster aficionado and a connoisseur of Italian food, specifically pizza! When devouring his meals, he is a die-hard fan of all things Fanta. One of his hobbies is reading, and he enjoys Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, The Wingfeather Saga, and most of all, the Bible. Given his enjoyment of these literary classics, Cary has opened the door to possibly writing in the distant future. As a cartoonist, Cary utilizes his creative imagination and his thinking-outside-of-the-box mentality to present an astounding column for clay.

Cary explains that the Bible is his favorite book as he finds comfort from the pages of Genesis and Romans, especially from passages such as, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you,” (Gen. 12:3) and “The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Rom. 16:20). Prioritizing God in his life, Cary has developed a profound curiosity and devotion for the LORD.

When questioned what he would do upon spotting a centaur grazing with goats in a field, Cary quite humorously answered, “I would probably scream, faint, then visit a psychiatrist to question my mental health.” Cleverly enough, if he could ask for any superpower, he would desire the power to give himself more powers! Altogether, interviewing Cary was an amazing experience, and his comics will make a lasting impression on clay this year!


  1. This is so good! Thanks Nick!

  2. It’s nice to (sort of) meet you, Cary! I can’t wait to see what you do with the column this year and welcome to TPS and clay! Also your comment about the centaur is solid gold XD