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Meet Anise Kim: TCK/MK Spotlight Columnist

Meet Anise Kim, this year’s TCK/MK spotlight columnist. She is a thirteen-year-old, Korean-American, missionary kid in Mali, West Africa. She lives there with her family, three dogs, several rabbits, and fifty chickens, as well as a tank full of catfish, but she doesn’t consider them pets. She says the Malians are the sweetest and most welcoming people. Living in Mali for the last eight years has made it feel like home, and she loves her life there.

Because of her life as a missionary, she gets to travel a lot and has been to sixteen different countries! Two of her favorites are Egypt and France. Anise says Egypt was amazing because of the iconic pyramids, mummies, and the Sphinx. France is special to her because she lived there for a year and because France is a beautiful country. 

As unusual as her life sounds with all the traveling and living in Africa, a normal day for Anise looks a lot like any other person’s. She starts with school, which takes up most of her day. She really likes going to TPS, and this will be her third year attending. Afterwards, she plays outside with her dog Boots. In her down time, Anise will read or watch YouTube. 

Those are only some of her hobbies. Besides YouTube and books, some of Anise’s other hobbies include piano, photography, gaming, and writing books and poetry. She plans on using her skills in writing for her TCK/MK (Third Culture Kid/Missionary Kid) spotlight articles. She is excited to work for clay to gain some experience in having a writing career. It will help her pursue a job in editing, publishing, and writing children’s books. Anise thinks that working for clay will give her a head start in the writing industry, and will also help her decide wether or not it is something she really wants to go into. 


  1. niceee Anise you are so pretty haha

  2. Can’t wait to read all your articles Anise!

  3. Wow, cool! (was there a TCK/MK spotlight column before?) In any case, I think it’s a really cool idea. I’m a TCK myself, and I will be very interested to read your articles, Anise!


  5. Yay Nisey! Welcome to the Spotlighters, sis!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA FISHY you get to complain about being a TCK to everyone on TPS now hehehe (jk).

  7. thanks for writing my article, Anna! you did a great job!

  8. Hey Mother! Can’t wait to read articles! When did you get catfish?

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    muthaaaa i’m looking forward to reading your articles!!

  10. Congrats my young Padawan, this column is the epitome of TPSerness

  11. Overjoyed that this column will continue and I’m so excited to read the articles you put out Anise! 🙂

  12. Congrats, Anise!
    Hope you do a excellent job this year!